On my mind past few days

I am sure this will tick some people off.  But I really don’t care.  I am allowed to post my options and if it bothers anyone that much block/ignore my posts.  Pretty easy solution.

I am a fan of Valdaya.  Allow me to repeat I am a fan of Valdaya.  I know in the past when I posted things that weren’t like “OMG THEY ARE THE BEST AND ALREADY BUSY PRACTICING MAKING BABIES!” It seemed that a few questioned my loyalty of being a Valdaya fan. 

At this point in their “relationship” I see friendship, mentor ship, and even I hate saying it, brotherly/sisterly love.  Please don’t waste your time sending me a hundred posts/pictures with prove of their actual feelings. I’ve seen them all.  I think they’re cute as hell.  A single photo could have a thousand meanings.  So of course as fans and wishing for them to be together we see them as romantic.  But I realize those interpretations are desires and what we want to see and not hard ass facts.  Perhaps the friendship/family love is a show and being PC …. I just don’t have enough solid proof.

That’s why I prefer Valdaya in fan fiction/stories.  Places in which I know it’s 100% fictional and I hope the writer knows as well.  Really don’t get me wrong I LOVE the pictures/gifs/videos, but I view the majority of them as Val & Zendaya being friends - while the stories I view as them being Valdaya.

I do think they will get be together in the future.  I said that before and perhaps I’ll say it again at some point.  Right now they are two very different places in their lives.  We tend to forget since Zendaya is so mature that she’s still 16.  I highly doubt she as any plans to jump into a long term relationship with anyone right now, let alone someone ten years older.  She has a right to be young, do silly/stupid (but hopefully legal) stuff young people do, she has a right to grow and find herself as a person.  I fear if she started Val right away she’d end up regretting it.  Though if she waited a few years she’d be more ready especially mentally and emotionally.  And yeah yeah yeah I know they are soulmates, it would be wrong if they weren’t together right away.  Yep heard it all and I do respect that viewpoint.

Far as them “flirting” “dating” “whatever” with other people on twitter or instagram… get over it.  They are human.  They talk to people, they post things, people respond.  It’s how it works.  Writing 500 words on what a 3 word tweet means to me is pretty silly.  Though more silly is freaking out and threatening to leave the fandom over a 3 word tweet that’s just stupid.

I also wish people would stop bullying Jay, Lena, Oksana, Trevor, Kelly and whoever else Val and Zendaya talk/associate with.  Yes I know Jay is creepy and needs to back the hell off.  But he’s what 18 maybe 19?  Hell even if he were 34 I don’t think the personal attacks especially sent to him directly are right.  It’s like people forget behind the typed words actual people exist.  Far as the others go… just be nice and respectful.

They are being levels on being a Valdaya fan.  None of them are wrong. Just be nice, relax, have a few laughs and enjoy their beautiful faces!

© fay