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My computer has crashed 3 times while looking at Lipstick Alley. I don’t think the site persay…something about a display adapter driver failing. Still only happening on there so until I figure out the issue is I’m staying away.


Maksyl & Valdaya || Everything

You are the light, To my soul. You’re my purpose, you’re everything.

You made my heart smile. Amazing job.

No clue what made me think of this

I miss the old Real World and Road Rules. Back when it was a bit more “real” and less getting drunk and fucking everybody. I heard it was Real World Hawaii when the tables turned and the producers altered the focus of the show(s). Now it just seems like a giant frat party being filmed. But trust me the original ones the old school ones especially Road Rules were damn good.


— Thank you for saying that about the first meeting most of the first meetings on dwts are not the first meetings most things are set up and scripted . However what is genuine and unscripted is vz and their friendship post dwts that cant be faked 😉

I don’t believe the scripted aspect. I do think they try to get the pros/celebs to angle it certain ways and might shoot a few times…far as word for word what to say being written down I don’t buy it. With that said I think Z/V interactions on the show was genuine and heartfelt though perhaps time to time edited by producers to generate buzz. But it is after the finale it became well….you know what!


Dearest LSA Anon,

It took me some time to find the threads and I’ve spent the last hour + reading through them. I won’t lie and say I believe everything this inside source is saying. But some does have me curious. Overall it’s all in fun for me. Unfortunately it looks like they and supporters of them went to a private thread to weed out the haters, it spreading too far, etc. And they say anyway who joined after April of this year not allowed in - fear they’ll be one of the people they are avoiding. If you ask me that’s a bit strict still I’ll respect it. Plus that started mid May for all I know all the discussions might be deleted by now. Anon I am respecting the message boards and not copying information posted on it; yes I know others have. If you have anymore perhaps from the private thread(s) I’d love to read it Again not saying I’m taking things as gospel but it is as I said fun.

Reaction genuine timing not

Old pet-peeve of mine I’ve posted before. Not tagging because I know it makes V/Z fans sad and ruins the happy romantic first meeting scenario. Them meeting at the studio where he took back her being beautiful? Was not the first time they met. They both said they met in an elevator. It was in the press line they mentioned it. Don’t ask me what week or interview. Think it was after the trio… Anyways I believe that especially because of her being underage the producers likely had to discuss guidelines, schooling breaks, and all that fun stuff with Val. So I 100% do not believe that first meeting was their first meeting. Now I do believe he was smitten by her and did/does find her beautiful and decided just to have some fun with it. Entertaining the audience and create buzz for votes.


Title: Socks
Fandom: Valdaya
Note: The truth is I started this days ago and have been doing a bit here and there. Been fighting writers block. Not pleased with but feel I need to post something.
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I’m emotional, mentally, and physically whipped today.


A little update.

Jason ( my hubby) decided he didn’t want to go solo on the podcast….so yes that means I’m also answering the questions. Yippee?

We decided to keep it around 20 minutes per session. Which means we are thinking the DWTS, Maksyl, and Valdaya special is going to need 3 parts.

I want to upload and share soon as each part is done…him not sure how he prefers. He’s in charge of that part of the operation anyways.

We are using Soundcloud to host but hes nervous it won’t be large enough and would like a possible alternative that is also free. Anyone know of any?

Bonus information! There is a 90% chance we will be doing a podcast after each episode of DWTS this upcoming season. Our own version of Afterbuzx if you will. Jason is interested in making it a YouTube thing. I have serious reservations about that. Time will tell though.

Dear anon,

Thank you for the lipstick alley info…unfortunately I am having trouble locating the thread. It’s nearly 3am for me and I’m not thinking straight which could be part of the issue! But perhaps if you could tell me the date the discussion started that would make it easier to pinpoint. Though likely won’t be until I come home from work tomorrow (hell rather today!)

No ands ifs or buts

Tonight! He’s doing the podcast tonight! But it’ll be a bit after that for it to be up. I think I got 15 questions. A mix of Valdaya, Maksyl, and DWTS. If you have anything you want to know from him last chance to hit me up.


— I'll admit I been over to that one message board , read a thread there a couple of weeks ago. The person that was giving out the info was asked a question regarding multiple actresses,Z included. When they replied to the question, Z's part, they said "the Val stuff is true". Don't know if that is solid enough for people to believe but yeah. Also the same person was asked if Z was with T or V and they replied that "she isn't dating T" so there ya go.. I can find the links if needed / or wanted

To me it all this bit too much of “He said - she said” without any proof. Like how does this person know V? Or Z for that matter? I’d love for it all to be true but I’m a realist and need solid facts. If you have links and all that I’ll look…


— To the idiot who posted that statement, liking pictures does not determine a relationship. Being a racist a** does not help her fan base. Love is nonsensical, it's not based on outward appearance or convenience. If your relationships are based on that then I see why you are such a miserable person. Look carefully at the quotes he has faved over the past few months, and think about who actually embodies those traits... Then have SEVERAL seats dumbass!!! I'm sorry, I just needed to respond..

Don’t be sorry for responding!

— Thanks

You are welcome!

— Val & Zendaya


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