Do that crossover fic plz!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest…im scared to. I don’t really know much about Meryl and I’m afraid of getting her “out of character”. But hell I started writing Valdaya before I really knew them LOL.

0.11 difference

I did something very similar to this several months ago, but I thought an update was needed. Under the read more you’ll find the average ranking of Val and Maks dances. I simply took their scores for each dance and divided by the number of times they performed it. Which means the fewer times they have had the dance likely higher the ranking it has. I did decide not to include the fourth judge scores (keeping it on the 30 point score). Also extra like team dances were not included.

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Season 18 Nursery

This is all in fun! I’m not suggesting they should or that I want them to have babies. But I thought I’d share the morphed imaged of this seasons pros with their celebs on what their children would look like. For each one there is a “Son” and a “Daughter”.

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Come on ABC!

They need to bring the confessionals back even if just an online exclusive feature. Because I’m dying to know the amount of obvious flirting Maks & Meryl would have in theirs!

Maks and meryl will have pretty babies





I thought the sets with Meryl looked better than Zendaya’s. Which made me a little sad LOL.

But Maks & Meryl’s “son” is freaking adorable! :-)

It really is 😊

Wait, someone give me a link.


I'm sorry but val and z's don't look SOO cute compared to meryl x maks 😔

I agree. Perhaps if I tried again with better pictures we might get the cute babies that we all know they’d have LOL.


One of the anagrams for Maksim and Meryl is “Mark My Smile” I thought that was really fitting for them.

I am planning on doing a one shot bassed on the show but I was gonna do it kind of Simmilar actually as in I planned Z talking to Val while Wyonna is talking to tony. Z and Wyonna going to dinner then Val picking her up because she was stressed. Reading your fic was like you had read my mind. So I can deff continue your fic if you want me to :D

Go for it! You are an amazing writer and would be honored for you to take the reins.

In a strange mood

OMG…I did sets for Maks & Val….talk about FREAKING UGLY CHILDREN!

Also wanted to see what Meryl & Zendaya morphed “babies” would look like. Super damn adorable is how!

Maks and meryl will have pretty babies

I thought the sets with Meryl looked better than Zendaya’s. Which made me a little sad LOL.

But Maks & Meryl’s “son” is freaking adorable! :-)

I feel so wrong for doing this

I’m going to hell. I promised this quite awhile ago….a baby morphing of what Maks & Zendaya’s children would look. Well I decided to another set for Val & Zendaya. Also did sets for Maks & Meryl and finally Val & Meryl. I personally only ship two of the four; but it’s all in fun! On the website you can morph a girl, morph a boy, and there is one marked simply morph baby (on that one I marked it has nongender. Fair warning most of this babies are not that cute LOL.

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Love love love one can only take so much and you have to continue it. Please please I want to see where you will go with it.

Glad you liked it! I really thought it was a pretty weak so hearing that makes me feel better about it. Far as a continuation as I said at the start of the fic….I have no plans on writing more. I’m hoping someone else (perhaps you?!) ;-) will write part 2. Doing this for fun, something different, and because I personally can’t think of HOW I want it to continue LOL.


Cody was certainly not the worst dancer but I’m not surprised he was voted off. I’m sad for Witney and for him too cause I had hopes… before.

At some point I was feeling like the judges thought Witney was a bad teacher and that might be the reason why Cody couldn’t do so well on the dancefloor….

Very well said. The only thing I have to add is that girls typically mature faster than boys and that might have to do with the difference on how they handled the exceperiance.

What exactly happened when Victor appeared on AfterBuzz?

Its been awhile since I watched it….but basically he won’t shut up and kept telling stories that clearly the hosts didn’t care about. Every time one would try to shush him up (politely of course) he took the hint for five seconds than started in again. After awhile they started to ignore him….it was to me a bit cringe worthy LOL.

It would work

A few days ago I tweeted Kristyn Burtt and suggested that Zendaya would be a good host for the DWTS Afterbuzz program. She responded (as she often does) that much as she loves Z with the format of the show they like to focus on the pros and not the celebs. I replied back with I understood and made a joke about Victor’s disaster of an appearance in season 16.

However I still think Z would be a great guest…. She’s one of the best celebs ever on DWTS, two seasons later the hosts still bring her up, she actually learned about ballroom and has a respect for it, on a more selfish note it would be exposure for her projects (such as the DCOM).

I mean I really don’t think she’d be like “Yep I danced” than blabber on and on about off topic things….like Victor did. But would give insights on the dances.