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What if it’s Abraham who has a change of heart and stops being well evil? I realize he can’t go good because Moloch would kill him immediately so his fate is sealed. Yet he could stop following orders, refuse to be the puppet and allow himself to be killed (or kill himself) Actually with no head he is dead and since he sold his soul I realize turning won’t be that easy and may not be possible period.

Still when I watch him I get a feeling of bratty spoiled has no patience and acts without thinking; than later he’s like crap that was dumb of me. When he attacked Ichabod after learning he “stole” Karina he was in a blood-feud state and acting on impulse. Moloch found him at the right time and feed into the angry. I think if he had a few weeks/months to calm down he’d eventually would have accepted the engagement/marriage.

Also watching him with Henry, Abraham is the pawn, he has no control and does what he (and Moloch) says. He questions some things. I do think he cares for Karina and will do anything to protect her and could a lot and I mean fuck ton meaner to her but he doesn’t. It’s only when Henry questions his loyalty and puts him in his place he’ll become Mr. Meanie-Pants.


— Sick of tired of the whole showmance! Z u do the same with spencer too!? Lol..

It’s annoying as all get out that’s for sure! To be fair I think it’s the show pushing it on Val and Janel to get viewers and people talking - there isn’t anything Z and Spencer need to promote (at least not now) so the media/public just dismisses all their interactions. But mark my words if they were doing something; such as another TV movie those same interaction people got nothing from would equal love, an affair, etc.


— The Valentin line has always been an urban line. They termed it street couture. The issue for Val & Nicole is cost: the cost to produce it and the cost to customers. If you saw their lookbook, they had good designs but some of them were too costly too produce (remember the jacket that was made exclusively for Z).

So it’s like they bite-off more than they could chew and now they had to scale back to some degree?


— Yeah I just saw the new wearvalentin site and the stuff definitely looks cheaper, I never thought of the line as high end fashion but there was more design involved, there were original pieces not just t shirts and sweats with his name printed on them idk why they would call that "street couture"

That might be adding more stuff later, but it does seem they toned it down a little.

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Different vibe

Granted I’m by no means a fashion excerpt….but did the Valentin line go from high-end fashion to street-end fashion? Hell it’s still more than I pay for clothes…yet a bit cheaper than before and has an urban feel.


— Like you said 'at risk of being attacked' I don't think Val would have been able to pull off an age appropied rumba (without turning it into a contemporary routine) like Mark did TBH, so in that front I'm glad he and Z didn't do the rumba. I can live with that.

Yeah much as I enjoyed the rumba between Sadie & Mark it did feel like a rumba-contemporary hybrid. Something in which Val would have felt weird about, he would have wanted it 100% rumba and the general public (and judges) would have been like “Christ man she’s 16!” He didn’t want to dance it with her. She didn’t want to dance it period. During the dance-off Jacoby & Karina were respectful of that. End of story.

Hleepy Sollow

Still 100% love the show.

Yet the fandom is too large and all over the place don’t feel a need to be apart of it.

As I said before I will keep sharing my thoughts/graphics/fics from time to time and if people like and want to discuss great!

I just won’t be seeking out these interactions in the true fandom sense.

Too many cooks in the kitchen, too many posts of the same thing, too many people okay with their view points yet can’t accept a differing thoughts, etc. But really the #1 reason is the size I can’t keep up and it’s overwhelming.

Cattle Caribous

Jason is a lot nicer and diplomatic than me. I have two sides …. A) super quiet and don’t say anything B) Go the hell off.

There really isn’t a middle for me.

A recap of the dances on Week 6 of DWTS.

The results

Under a cut so not to spoil…

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Last yet again.

Alfonso is really sweet.

The Carlton is dangerous…I always suspected it.

That effect is annoying.

Strong like always.

He’s falling apart 😢

Spanking him that was weird…but so Carrie Ann.

Now the judges lost the plot.

Lol wow…

I agree with Julianne.

That’s a lot of booty!


— Your podcast used to be entertainig but now you are just rude, you just make fun of the contestants and say how much everyone sucks. You are not a latin or ballroom dancer you cant say "everything was wrong" if you can't recognize one step from the other. One thing is give your opinion other is just plain bashing them.

Actually yes I can. The point is we are not dancers and able to focus on the performance aspect and entertaining aspect of the show. If I or he doesn’t like someone fuck yeah we’ll say it.


With Derek they’ll pull it off.

It was sorta boring.

Leah beating Derek up with the mic that was great. But he was a good sport.

Feels high to me.


Awkward cut in.

Alfonso safe. Duh.

Bethany safe. Duh.

Michael jeopardy. Still think it will be Jonathan.

Seriously NASCAR will push them to the finale. I’m not shitting you.

Middle of the road performance. But good for him.

Now watch the scores blow.

Emma is so sweet and caring.

30 yeah fair on the scores.

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