— I'm assuming its about the idiots leaving comments under his pics. I dont necessarily think this is a showmance but when V and J are asked about their chemistry they look so incredibly uncomfortable and yet dont say she has a BF (on the show). Just say it and maybe there wouldn't be such a damn issue.

But if they said it they might lose votes because it takes away from the romantic fantasy….is likely what they are thinking. Not realizing the lie is actually more off a turn off.


— Well each to their own you and i believe something different but its all good 👍



— Payson is over it according to IG. A lot of people keep mentioning Janel and Val kissing, dating, cheating on his pics. Poor dude. It's her fault. If she'd just come out and say she has a BF, everything would be much better

I don’t pay attention to gossip and he said she said. Over it could mean A LOT of stuff why assume its a breakup or even about J?


— I feel bad for Jp's bf and I want z and Val to hang out soon just them

I have no feelings towards JP and her boyfriend because I don’t know anything about them….for all we know he’s 100% cool with everything and even encouraging all these posts. We really don’t know and can’t make assumptions based of twitter. But far as Z and V hanging out alone? Lovely thought sadly not likely…..which sucks.


— Dwts is actually scripted they are told what to say in their vts etc and how they are to behave each week. Ie one week they may say act like you have had a row etc. With maks and meryl for example there was alot of unshown footage where maks and meryl werent getting along and maks did lose his temper with her but once the producers saw people wanting a showmance with them thats the way they went with them. Nice lovey dovey stuff but how maks was with danica was how he was with meryl at times too

Sorry but I don’t buy it. If I were to guess only 5% of those who have been involved with the show say its that extreme. 85% say there are some behind the scenes “trickery” and for the caera. And 10% straight out deny anything is happening. If it was THAT staged and scripted more leaks and information would come out.

might link later if desired by others

Series I have….some finished but most not. :-(

  • The Reality Of His Existance + To Bulid A Home
  • Socializing Parts 1-4
  • Hit Refresh + Deny
  • Untitled As Of Now Parts 1-4
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  • Late Night Questions + Humble + Pressure + Birthdays And Knees + Deepen The Cracks + Secret Of The Tea + Dessert + Give Up Everything + 102
  • Footnote + Trusting
  • Calls At 3:30 Are Never Good + Fans And Fanatics + Concerns
  • Going Perfect To Plan + Xander
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  • Mine + His?

— Not everyone who watches dwts is a val fan tho and alot of non stanning shippers feel sick by it. I hated season 15 val and then a season where he could be himself and just concentrate on great choreo and dancing happened ie s16 and i liked him and now im back to feeling blergh. I do take notice of what maks said about dwts tho and that its all illusion nothing is real and its scripted. I notice re janel v that when the cameras are not directly on them v is not next to j lol which makes me go ?

I never watched season 15 and I’m to scared to! I think Val is trying to connect with a young adult/teenage audience…like with Z he was fun and carefree not only because she was young but because her audience core group was young. And with Elizabeth and Danica he had a relaxed fun and innocent approach that had a family feel because both those ladies were in relationships and he had no reason to be romantic or flirty. I don’t believe the show is scripted as in written lines and multiple takes but I do think the show plans, arranges things, and even edits footage certain ways because after all it is a reality show. I also noticed he was hardly near her and for being such good friends and all that jazz they are pushing it seemed off…granted its been one show so that’s not enough for a pattern or to really make any conclusions out of.


— There's a lot of s15 fans that are loving the showmance the show is trying to play up with Jp and V so I think we will continue to see it unfortunately. They were very careful about sm interaction after they saw the reaction to the kiss but now they're both in Vegas and back to spamming us with chummy pics and she did say in an interview anything for Your art so I think she's willing to do whatever the producers want

It’s a fair assessment.


So…what type of hugs have Val and Z had?


— Do you think janel posts enough pictures of her and Val lol? I'm checking the other teams and she's the only one posting this often. Why do you think she's doing this?

She’s excited. She likes Val. As a friend. She’s trying to drum up attention and constantly remind people of them hoping that’ll turn into votes later. Her fan base is fairly young into social media and this is a way to connect with them.


— It's getting hard to get into Val this season. Even harder now that I've learned they're dancing a masquerade themed foxtrot to Call Me Maybe. I keep telling myself to wait and watch it live before making judgements but I just cannot connect with them. All the other pros packages and promos look fun and natural while V&JP look so cheesy to me. Is this a show about dancing or a sleazy soap opera?

I haven’t been paying attention to anything on social media really I rather go in Monday night with little knowledge as possible of the dances. I keep on hoping it’s the show screwing things up for them because of Val is 100% doing all this cheesy and sleazy stuff himself I will not be happy!

A wordle of my first Valdaya fic. No reason…I just like wordles LOL.


— How do you feel about Val having to choregraph a foxtrot to 'call me maybe'?Im sure he will come out with something good, but I just can't see it, that song puts me off for starters. i dont want to stereotype Janel but Im not surprised thats her jam, sorry. I cant wait to see what Witney does with 'Gettin jiggy wit it' for Alfonso's samba, she is good mixing the basic steps with modern touches and its gonna have a hiphop vibe. I feel is gonna be good!

Not happy…at all. I hate that song. Doesn’t have a foxtrot vibe to it. But hell I’m not a dancer so what do I know? I agree about the doubts this really being Janel’s jam. I think she might like it and it was on a list of songs they had to use and she just picked her favorite from the list. The show pulls bs like that all time if you ask me. Such as last season James’ idol/role model being L.A Reid yeah I really doubt that! Nothing against him but you know it was just because of using Michael’s music. Especially when if memory serves me right they only talked about MJ and not about James or what James had done through out the season. I was excited when I saw Alfonso and Witney’s song choice yeah that’ll be good!


— Blackmail.. I re-read today "Even if it Hurts" on wattpad by septemberbeauty13.. In it Treavor blackmail Z to be with him after he finds out z is sleeping with v. T threatens to tell her father and have v jailed.. the story mostly dealth with z as a minor and her relationship with v not much on the T..but nothing similar to what u described only the blackmail aspect.. do your fic.. regardless of if someone else has done it

I will certainly take a look at it! So many amazing fics and writers it’s hard to keep up with 😄

I might do it but I got a few others in line first!

— I read a fic like that way back when i didnt have tumblr. Like a year ago lol but i cant remember who wrote it. I think it was T who was black mailing them and Z had to be his pretend GF so he wouldnt say anything.

I don’t remember that one…sounds like it might be a good read!

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