As of right now

The combined number of Twitter followers each couple has. A few were rounded up but you get the idea.

Bethany & Derek: 2.55m
Sadie & Mark: 1.65m
Janel & Val: 969k
Antonio & Cheryl: 960k
Randy & Karina: 711k
Betsey & Tony: 661k
Michael & Emma: 370k
Tommy & Peta: 314k
Tavis & Sharna: 302.9k
Lea & Artem: 185.5
Alfonso & Witney: 168.5k
Jonathan & Allison: 164.8k
LoLo & Keo: 409,905

And 8

I missed it! :::sad face::: I was going to make a special and celebratory post when I tagged Valdaya for the one thousand time. This post right here is 1,008!

A thousand plus posts for a couple that first I was hesitant to ship especially publicly because I thought (sorta still do) admitting to shipping real people to be weird. But I’m so happy I decided to dive in! 

Here is hoping they keep doing awesome crap that makes me post to 2,000 posts! And more more importally you beautiful guys keep being amazing and no matter I’ll stick around.


— I'm gonna use your format to see how my predictions turn every week this season :) I dont blog about dwts but your points system seems kinda fun to do at home. :D

That’s cool! Glad you like it. I made that list after the first dance and am sticking to it no matter what…though already there are some I wish I could switch around :-/

And you should blog about DWTS it’s fun!


— Yeah, that I apreciate from Witney. she keeps the focus on the dancing, no smoke, no huge theatrical scene, very minimal, maybe that is why the judges dont buy it completly? Tbh between Janel's and Beth, I would have given the 40 to Beth too. Kinda sad for Randy and Karina I was thinking she could dance w Alfonso for the switch. I wanted to send Michael home, or even Tommy, Betsey is too precious to loose, for now. :)

I never thought about it that way…yeah perhaps Witney is being a bit too simple and not wowing the judges. Which is a shame. Of the three in “jeopardy” I was hoping for Jonathan.


Rigel likes rubbing into you when you’re drawing things. Even if they happen to be sharpies.

That’s my boy!

Week one: Correct (+1 point)
Week two: Incorrect (-1 point)
Week three: Incorrect (-1 point)
Week four: N/A (0 point)
Week five: N/A (0 point)
Week six: N/A (0 point)
Week seven: Incorrect (-1 point)
Week eight: N/A (0 point)
Week nine: N/A (0 point)
Week ten: N/A (0 point)
Week eleven: N/A (0 point)
Current score: -2


— If those dances deserved 10s Alfonsos jive should have been 10s, it had everything from content to fun. I still cant connect w Janel an Bethany, I noticed Janel kinda jumps instead of dancing, and is week 3 and we still know nothing about Bethany. The package was about DH.

This might upset people including my own husband but I didn’t think Val and Janel’s dance was worth a 40. Was it good? Yes. Was it great? Yes. Was it phenomenal? No. I think it was the whole production, extra dancers, staging, etc that made it look grander than it was. If you broke it down and only focused on them dancing sorry the 40 score wasn’t there. On the other hand Derek and Bethany’s dance was more stripped down and just them (well and umbrellas) and I thought that deserved the 40 score. Plus performance wise I thought Bethany did better than Janel. Far as who did better Derek or Val? That’s a tie in the best way :-) Far as Alfonso and Witney deserving 10’s? Nah. But 9’s would have been fitting! I agree Janel is just sort of ….. I don’t know! I do know it rubs me the wrong way.


I’m not happy. In fact I’m pissed. And let’s add confused. Let me see if I have this right….

9/15 The couples danced got judges scores and viewers voted in various ways. Than on 9/16 the result of those votes and scores determined who was out.

9/22 The couples danced got judges scores and viewers voted in various ways. Than on 9/23 the result of those votes and scores determined who was out.

9/29 The couples dance got judges score ….. Than also on 9/29 the couple with the lowest judges score of this week and lowest voter votes from previous week?! Determined who went home? But those viewer votes went towards the dances and performances of LAST WEEK! Who I voted for than/liked isn’t the same couple(s) I liked this week.

So basically the votes for Week Two were used twice. That’s bullshit. Yeah pretty sure that’s how it worked for Season 17 and one of the reasons I hated it.

Does that mean on 10/06 they’ll be eliminating based on viewer votes and the judges scores of the previous week? The way it’s suppose to be? But if that’s the case than the judges scores were used twice…

Fuck I’m confused! There was better ways to do this.

So close but so far!

Because not getting off until 8 and having to eat dinner I can’t watch DWTS until its completion. And I do like to avoid spoilers. So its a Tumblr “black out”. I hope when I get back I see a bunch of happy OMG 😁 posts and not angry @#%! 😠 posts. Wish me luck reading through them all. LOL.

You know...


All I can say is that I am so glad Zendaya drop out of the Aaliyah movie. I just saw a clip of Wendy Wiliams talking about it and all she is going to do as producer is focus on Aaliyah’s love life and why she was doing those things at 14 yrs old .

She’s saying you can count on her to dig up the…

My gut told me from the get go it wasn’t right for her and I honestly was happy she pulled out. Z is an AMAZING talent the right role to rocket her to fame will come! This project wasn’t it.


— I think there will be a double elim at some point as well because last season switch up week wasn't an elimination week

Yeah they made it a “free pass” week. I am worried about tonight though. Apparently there will be an elimination at the end of the evening but there is no way they can include audience votes…least not fairly.

Jan 1st, 2000

I love how this article in from 14 and half years ago! Watch it be fixed and people think I’m crazy.

So week 5 is the switch up. I will give this some thought!


— Not sure if you take lyric prompts from anons, but how about this one that's from your lyric page :-) : "And when you need it most I have a hundred reasons why I love you.”

Arg! I LOVE this lyric! Hence why I put it on the lyrical inspiration blog. But sadly anon I’m not getting any inspiration V/Z related. I’ve tried, played around with a few ideas…just nothing is feeling right. I do apologize.

Maybe someone else can think of something?

In a perfect world how it should be done

Week 1 show Monday result Tuesday. 13 to 12.

Week 2 show Monday result Tuesday. 12 to 11.

Week 3 show Monday. 11 to 11.

Week 4 show & result for Week 3 Monday 11 to 10.

Week 5 show & result for Week 4 Monday 10 to 9.

Week 6 show & result for Week 5 Monday 9 to 8.

Week 7…result for 6 8 to 7

Week 8…result for 7 7 to 6

Week 9…result for 8 6 to 5

Week 10…result for 9 5 to 4

Week 11 show Monday winner Tuesday 4 to 1

I really think one week will be a “surprise” double elimination. Because 3 in the finale is easier. Of course they have had 4 before so who knows!

Ian’s Lines

Ian Chesterton’s first line (or lines) of dialogue in every Doctor Who episode.

Oh? Not gone yet?
I’m all right. I must have hit my head. The movement’s stopped.
Yes, they’re all the same. They’ve been split wide open.
Yes, drive him out. He killed the old woman.

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