4 things I like starting with Q

Pairing: Q….um?
TV Show: Quantum Leap
Musical Act: Queen
Song: Quicksand (Travis)

August project

I need everyone to send me requests, prompts, suggestions for older pieces to continue, and anything else of the sort. I am going to attempt writing something for every day in August. I won’t promise I’ll do everything sent my way but I will try my best to make folks happy. Thank you in advanced!


Still can’t wrap my head around how this happened. So sneaky yet so bold… The skirt lift. Her legs. His gawking. Someone fic the aftermath! CREDIT TO OWNER.

During dinner I was discussing this with the hubby. He hadn’t seen it or heard of it. I guess he missed a few days on Tumblr? Anyways after attempting to describe what happened and him not 100% getting the gravity of the situation I showed him the above. He watched over and over, eyes wide, handed the phone back and was like wow! He especially enjoyed the hey baby look in Val’s direction.

So yet another example of even guys see it! Of course he is perfectly capable of adding his own take on it and not simply mine.


Does that Valdaya fan-vid blog still exist? Or active? The one with all the Valdaya fan videos? Yes I that deserves a big duh!

Quite a lot of vids are being made and it would be fun to watch more.


— Cont part 2... but i feel like he is not some one who is going to protect her in this rough business and although she can do that her self i feel like she needs someone older idk if that makes sense but even if it's not Val i do see her with someone older than her.

I agree about T. He seems like a great friend but not so much the stronger protector physically and emotionally she needs. Plus her and V ooze of passion; she doesn’t with T.


— Lol... u and your are the best... but I am one of those who would love for Z/V to basically change their relationship from bro/sis to intimate friends once she's legal. But of course, my logical part of my brain says no. All I can say isthat they wwould be fools to not give a relationship a try bc from what we've seen and why we ship them is bc of that strong bond and love they have for each other. Not just bc they look good standing next to each other. I have nothing against T cont part1

Thank you! We do try (I’m assuming the word husband was left off on accicent) I can see it happening both ways. The right away relationship and the waiting and taking it slow relationship. Whatever they choose to go with I’ll respect and accept.

In Demand - Texas



Zendaya completes Val in a way the goes beyond the dance floor. Look at Val talking in an interview about something mundane, now if Z is even so much as mentioned, you can see the gears turning and little peaks at the corner of his mouth show up, as if to smile. His vocal timbre also changes while…

I love how the person who wrote this stood in the doorway waiting for my reaction. Than got pouty when I won’t tell him LOL. Alright 100% spot on everything. Soon they’ll both break and the floodgates of truth will drown the entire population!

Where Is Everyone Looking? Sway edition.

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So I thought I should share this in case its never been mentioned:

Beyoncé: I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man. And it just gives me such a foundation.

Oprah: How has [Jay Z] helped you?

Beyoncé: On so many levels. We were friends first, for a year and a half….

I love the idea of Z and Val doing something similar. Yes the haters/doubters will come rushing out and say it was all “fake” between them if it doesn’t happen the moment she is legal. But nothing you can do about that! Yeah there is also arguments he wants to settle down NOW and won’t wait, it’s not fair, etc. To those people would you rather he marry someone he doesn’t truly love because he feels he HAS to? Family is important to him, becoming a parent is important to him; but I feel finding the right woman for that role and than waiting for it be the right timing is more important. And for that reason I 100% think it could easily be years before they reach that place. Much like Beyonce and Jay Z.




Imagine the reaction of Z attending some type of award ceremony after turning 18 and Val occupying her.

They’d refuse to answer why he’s there. Their status. Etc.

Days following it would all over the media.

Accompanying? Because if indeed Val was OCCUPYING her (e.g. Staying inside her) we would indeed hear about it. Especially if it were at an award show! LOL

Oh shut it!


Thinking of going on a DWTS Confessions reblogging spree. Been awhile. But I’d hate to be too annoying.

Time will answer if I actually do.


Imagine the reaction of Z attending some type of award ceremony after turning 18 and Val occupying her.

They’d refuse to answer why he’s there. Their status. Etc.

Days following it would all over the media.

LSA as always not posting the ask

I don’t know of any interviews from Mark about that. I can do some digging myself to see if I can find anything.

If the main source gossip is the same one I’m thinking (there are a few) but this one posts way more than anybody else. Anyway I have seen a few posts from her/him that I 100% know would not be true. I’ll be fair and say just because a few things were off doesn’t mean all of it is….

Would love to know what had the V/J fans upset.

Yeah I know off the initials, weird spellings, dashes in names to back it hard for general search engine inquirers. Makes it a pain though!


Z recent like read the shirts lol😂😂😂… V doesn’t seem to mind though 😌😏

Z is a strong independent young woman who is starting to break from the sweet innocent girl. She doesn’t need a man or any guy to impress. She’s telling the world I am a strong confidant woman proud of my sexuality and what being a woman should mean. I control it, it doesn’t control me.

Plus I wonder if the shirts on this photo and one from a few weeks ago about the no tits has anything to do with her grandmother’s battle with breast cancer?

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